• Email marketing

    Bulk email advertising is cost effective way to promote your products and services. Your advertisements passes through most of marketing restriction filters.

  • Social marketing

    Utilize social networks to boost your sales. Our direct and guerrilla marketing campaigns are effective and can be focused to specific target audience.

  • Voice marketing

    Telemarketing robot can do Skype, MSN, Jabber and iChat calls simultaneously. Multi language voice phrases, voice recording and speech recognization.

  • Search optimization

    Search engine optimization is important to business. Search engine optimization bumps your website in search results. More hits means more sales!

96 Enlarge and new partner from Russia

96 Enlarge has signed agreement to buy email delivery capacity from Russian partner. This 3 year agreement increases 96 Enlarge email delivery capacity significantly.

"This agreement guarantees capacity we need to grow our business"

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